22 Days Until SPX 2014

I swore that before SPX this year, I would re-vamp my websites and other social media accounts, as they’re in need of a little facelift. They’ve been sorely neglected for a while and I realized that I don’t use them because they’re not a reflection of where I’m at or what I’m about these days. This spirit of “let’s do a make-over!” fueled my impulse to delete my tumblr accounts and start over. It feels…pretty darn good to make a fresh start. 

Here’s a list of my to-do’s before the big event:

  • Finalize an avatar/icon to use on my accounts and upload everywhere. Check.The pictures I was previously using were from 2008-09. I’m relieved this small thing is done.
  •  Print some business cards with the coupon that came in the mail.
  • Scan, edit, and layout Nervous Industry #4
  • Finish the writing portion of EVERYTIME zine and lay out.
  • Assess whether or not I want to/can finish LOCKET zine before SPX. It’s not a full-on comic so it’s not an essential bring-with.
  • Print everything that needs to be printed.
  • Collate and bind everything
  • Silkscreen covers? Or design alternate cover.

Time is tight with day-time work picking up the pace for the year but being busy helps keep me moving. Tonight, is basically over, so one down and 21 more to go!